The Wee Beasties Scottie Rescue was started by Martha (Marty) Straw and Pauline Woods of Newport News VA to find homes for unwanted, neglected, abandoned or abused Scottish Terriers. In 1987 they placed their first rescue MacDugan. That same year they and their Scotties first attended the Williamsburg Scottish Festival and collected donations for the Animal Aid No Kill Shelter on the Virginia Peninsula. They have continue this to promote the Scottish Terrier breed and help other dogs. They also participate in the Colonial Williamsburg Christmas Parade.

Kelly Callahan joined the group in 1992 and Roxanne Huckstep joined in 1998. The busiest year for the group was 1998 when they received a group of 19 Scotties ranging from one-hour-old puppies to three-year-old adults. This rescue was featured the in the Scottish Terrier Club of America's Bagpiper.

The WBSR became associated with the Scottish Terrier Club of America Rescuer Network in 1998.The members also participate in the Internet Scottie groups Angelscots,CyberScots and SLCC-L as well as Internet rescue groups.

When a Scottie comes into rescue it is examined by a veterinarian. The dog is made current on all vaccinations and tested for heartworms. The dog is also spayed/neutered if this has not already been done. Sometimes the Scottie has medical problems such as dental neglect, skin issues or injuries. These are treated before the dog is placed. While in foster care, the dog is evaluated for temperament, socialization, house training or other special needs. Only then are the Scotties matched with families who have applied to WBSR. They are not placed on a first come, first serve basis.

The dogs are matched with families who have applied to the WBSR. A detailed family application is the first step in being considered as a possible home. A home visit is done. Veterinary references are also checked. The evaluation process is extensive to ensure that once the Scottie is placed it will be in its "Forever Home". Transportation must be arranged because rescues are not shipped.

The prospective family signs an adoption contract. In it the family agrees to provide a permanent, stable, and loving home along with proper shelter, food, medical care and supervision for the Scot. The dog must be licensed in accordance with the laws of the community. Failure to comply with the conditions of the contract requires that the dog be returned to the WBSR. The adoption donation is made to help defray the cost of medical treatment and care. After a dog is placed follow-up home visits are made to make sure the match has been successful.

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